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Origami Toys
Origami Toys
Ms. Malanzo

The Epiphany Lutheran Two-year-old Room offers the highest standard of care and education for children aged 2. We have a big room for your child to explore. It provides a warm, nurturing environment where your child can develop, thrive, and learn the skills needed for their next adventures in our Three year old room.

We offer interesting and fun activities, within a happy and safe environment, where your child can play and learn. Both our indoor and outdoor environments are equipped with toys for your child to learn through play. We aim to have fun,
as well as developing those vital skills, Teachers intentionally create environments and provide appropriate learning materials to allow your child to explore and learn on their own, as well as provide support in learning new skills. In our two-
year-old classrooms you will see several different learning centers such as art, science, dramatic play, library, blocks, puzzles and more.


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